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The Ultimate Strike Zone for Wiffle Ball and Blitzball

Why Choose EasyCall?



The EasyCall strike zone is weatherproof (made of strong PVC pipe, durable marine vinyl and Climatek™ coated screws). Remember, nothing is sunproof, so it's best not to leave it in the sun all the time or fading may occur, especially with brighter colors like red, orange or neon/pink.

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Easily adjust the height of the strike zone to either 8 inches off the ground (ideal for most kids) or 13 inches off the ground (ideal for most adults).

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Extremely sturdy, yet light enough that even the smallest kids can move it.
And if you want to take it to a friend's house or on vacation, it easily compacts into two flat pieces for convenient transport.



Choose the color of both the strike zone and the base. And if you want even more of a personal touch, we can add a weatherproof vinyl decal to the strike zone, up to 12 inches by 12 inches in size.

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There will be no more arguments over balls and strikes because the EasyCall strike zone never misses a call!



This strike zone can be used with any plastic baseballs, including the two most popular brands - Wiffle ball and Blitzball.


Experiment with colors
← White →
←White →
Choose Strike Zone color:
Choose Base color:
We recommend using a different color for the base to help the pitcher visually focus on the strike zone only.
Add a custom decal

We can add a 12-inch weatherproof vinyl decal with the design of your choice, which will be centered within the strike zone.

The longest side of the decal (either the height or width) will be 12 inches long.

  • If the design is taller than it is wide, the decal will be 12 inches from top to bottom.
  • If the design is wider than it is tall, the decal will be 12 inches from eft to right.


If the design is wider than it is tall, the width will be 12 inches.


If the design is taller than it is wide, the height will be 12 inches.


If the design is square, the height & width will both be 12 inches.


If the design is a circle, the diameter will be 12 inches.




BEFORE YOU ORDER, send your design to us

Email your file to us at: [email protected]
Your design should be in vector format if possible (AI, EPS or SVG). If you don't have your design in a vector format, send us whatever file you have and we'll see if it's usable.


We'll let you know

We'll review your file to make sure it is usable. We'll also mock up your design so you can see what it would look like on the strike zone. This is done at no charge. If you don't like how it looks and decide not to order, no problem.


Place your order

If we confirm that your design file will work for creating a 12-inch decal, you can then place your order by choosing the option with a decal. We will then get started creating your customized strike zone!

NOTE: Due to the custom nature, shipping times will be longer when a decal is involved.
  • Strike zones with no decal usually ship in about a week
  • Strike zones with a decal usually ship in 2-3 weeks

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"Easily the best strike zone for backyard baseball that I've come across. The wrapped vinyl looks awesome (most others use cheap-looking velcro or zip ties). My son and I love it and use it all the time."
-Robert S., Tampa, Florida
"Not only does it look great, but it's extremely durable. I left mine outside through an entire northeast winter and it held up great. Highly recommend!"
-Vince C., Cape May, New Jersey
"I bought one of these for my company's annual picnic and it was a big hit with my employees. Wiffle ball games were being played the entire time."
-Brian S., Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
EasyCall was named the "Top Pick" by wiffleballstrikezone.com!
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Is it really weatherproof?
Yes, the EasyCall strike zone uses high-quality marine vinyl, which is made to be used outdoors and protects against harsh elements like UV rays, mold, mildew and cold temperatures. The PVC piping can withstand extreme weather and the screws that secure the vinyl to the frame have a Climatek coating, allowing them to stand up to all types of climates. If you get a decal from us, that's weatherproof too! With all that said, anything will eventually show some deterioration if it is left outside continuously. So we recommend that you take the strike zone out of the elements whenever possible. NOTE: Colors may eventually fade over time if left out in the sun all the time, especially brighter colors like red, orange and neon pink. So those colors especially should be put in shade (or inside) when not in use.
What are the measurements?
The EasyCall vinyl strike zone is 30 inches tall by 20 inches wide. The height is adjustable, so the bottom of the strike zone can be either 8 inches off the ground (good for most kids, as well as some adults who pitch slow lobs) or 13 inches off the ground (good for most adults who pitch fast).
What is unique about the EasyCall strike zone design?
Our unique, exhaustively-tested design uses 1.66 inch diameter PVC pipe and fittings for the base and 1.32 inch diameter pipe/fittings for the strike zone frame. The thicker pipe on the bottom creates a sturdier, more stable base. The thinner strike zone pipe, while still strong and durable, keeps the weight down to keep the unit from being too top-heavy.
Is it hard to put together?
Not at all. The strike zone comes fully assembled. All you have to do is connect the strike zone to the base, which takes less than a minute. Watch the assembly video below.
What if you don't have a color I want?
First off, sorry! But whether it's for the strike zone or the base (or both), if we don't have the color you want, you could always order white for that part and then paint it yourself once you receive it (just make sure you use paint intended for vinyl/plastic).
Can the wind knock the strike zone over?
It can if it's windy enough, but we've found that if the wind is strong enough to blow it over, you probably won't want to play wiffle ball in that weather anyway. With that said, you can easily put something on the back of the base to keep it in place if it happens to be a windy day. A sweatshirt, a water bottle, anything with a little bit of weight to it would help keep it more stable.
A Perfect Ump!

It's like having an umpire who never misses a call!

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Assembly & Adjustment